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Knowledgebase : Funding
See the current call for proposals [1] for more information. Links: ------ [1]
No NASA funds can flow to non-U.S.-based institutions and non-U.S.-based investigators. Such investigators must obtain their own funds. We have relaxed this rule for graduate students and post-docs who typically do not have their own funding source. But f...
We do indeed accept proposals from graduate students as the PI. If your institution requires a faculty member to be the administrative PI and handle all the funding, we support that. The grad student (or postdoc) can be the PI and in the 'financial contac...
Yes, for Archival or General Observer proposals, modest support for ground-based observations is allowed. One should not exceed 10-20% of the total requested/provided funds for such a component.
Final reports for all funding contracts issued to support GO, Archive and Theory awards are due within 30 days of the contract end date. There is no required format. We accept PDF, Word or text files. The report should be brief (1-2 pages) and describe wh...