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Can I fund a non-U.S.-based collaborator's visit to my U.S. institution with Spitzer (GO/AR/TR) funds?
Posted by z-Schuyler Van Dyk on 02 December 2008 12:23 PM
No NASA funds can flow to non-U.S.-based institutions and non-U.S.-based investigators. Such investigators must obtain their own funds. We have relaxed this rule for graduate students and post-docs who typically do not have their own funding source. But for scientists with permanent jobs at foreign institutions we cannot request travel funds.

An exception is if your U.S.-based institution will appoint the non-U.S.-based collaborator to a real but temporary position at your U.S.-based institution. In that case, the investigator now holds a U.S.-based affiliation and you can support their visit (flights, stipend, etc.) for the duration of the appointment.