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Knowledgebase: Data processing
Are you planning data analysis workshops (at the SSC or the AAS)? Can I come visit the SSC to learn about data analysis?
Posted by z-Schuyler Van Dyk on 02 December 2008 12:04 PM
We hope our documentation is extensive enough to cover most of the issues with Spitzer data, and we are working continuously on improving it. Our Helpdesk is available to answer any Spitzer-specific data reduction questions.

Due to the funding limitations of the warm mission the SSC no longer hosts an annual week-long Data Analysis Workshop, as we have done in the past. Instead, we have shifted the main effort for supporting data analysis to our helpdesk along with availability of expert assistance at the Spitzer exhibit during these meetings.

We're sorry, but we do not have the resources to support individual data reduction visits to the Spitzer Science Center. As always, you should continue to send questions about or issues with data analysis to the Spitzer Helpdesk,