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How do I script the extraction of multiple sources in SMART ?
Posted by z-Vandana Desai on 01 December 2008 03:37 PM
Scripted autosky extraction hasn't yet been programmed into SMART and is on the to do list. However, you could look into the IDL source code to identify the subroutines which perform source extraction and write an IDL program which has just these routines (without the widget calling interface). For example the following segment provided by a user if incorporated inside an IDL routine would perform a basic extraction:

sc_read_fits_bcd, bcd_dir='/here/bcd' , ptr_bcd, filetype='bcd3p'

; Set calibration

sm_wavesamp, cal ;, /restore_cal, /save_cal

; difference the images by subtracting the image of the

sc_bcd_diff, ptr_bcd, newptr_bcd, debug=debug

; Set relevant SMART required keywords in BCD FITS headers

sm_preset_bcd, newptr_bcd

; Pre-process data for Column extraction

sm_auto_all, newptr_bcd, sigma=sigma, /column, /debug

; local sky extraction

sm_bcd_isap, cal, newptr_bcd, ptr_aar, 1, debug=1