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Knowledgebase: Spot and Leopard
Note for Cycle 14 Solar System Observers
Posted by Elena Scire on 19 December 2017 09:02 AM

The Cycle-14 call for proposals has been issued but we want to make you aware of an issue with Spot that affects solar system observation planning. A recent security update at JPL has broken Spot's ability to resolve NAIF IDs and download the ephemeris file from Spot. When you enter a NAIF ID into the target pane in Spot, ask for the visibility windows. If that works, we have the ephemeris already on our server. If it doesn't then contact the Helpdesk at and ask us to get the ephemeris file and load it by hand. We are working on getting the issue fixed in Spot but don't know if/when that will be completed. 

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