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How come the SHA is only showing me mosaic files in the Level 2/PBCD tab? Where are the other files I know were taken?
Posted by z-Luisa Rebull on 06 September 2013 03:36 PM

Yes, there are a lot more files than what are shown, such as the errors! We decided for clarity that only certain files of primary interest to users would appear for individual examination in the SHA interface, but of course the download includes many more files -- you don't even have to tell it to include ancillary products. The IRAC, IRS, and MIPS Instrument Handbooks list (and define) all of the files that are included in the downloads.  To first order, only the highest level products are shown in the Level 2/PBCD tab, and for that matter the Level 1/BCD tab. This is designed for you to inspect the data enough to see if you want to download it. If you package up the data for downloading, the most frequently used standard files (errors, coverage, masks, etc.) will come with the download; to ensure you have all the files, select "incuding ancillary" when packaging.