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What does SHA/AOR/IER/BCD/PBCD/Level 1/Level 2 mean?
Posted by z-Luisa Rebull on 06 September 2013 03:23 PM

Here are some common definitions. The archive of Spitzer data is the Spitzer Heritage Archive (SHA). An individual Spitzer observation sequence is an AOR, or Astronomical Observation Request. In certain cases (often calibration or sometimes science observations), you may also see an IER, or Instrument Engineering Request. Either one involves many individual frames. The individual data frames that emerge, calibrated, from the Spitzer pipeline are Level 1, or Basic Calibrated Data, or BCDs. The products that come from combining these individual data frames (such as mosaics of individual pointings) are Level 2, or post-BCD, or PBCD data. Enhanced products come from combining AORs or doing post processing (such as synthetic photometry from spectra or source extraction from images). These can be contributed by the community, or generated by the Spitzer Science Center.