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Knowledgebase: IRAC
Have the pipeline-processed data been corrected for muxbleed, column pulldown and banding? What about saturation?
Posted by Seppo Laine on 29 January 2009 11:56 AM

Yes, we are correcting the data for muxbleed and column pulldown in the pipeline. Sometimes these corrections do not produce a perfect mitigation of these effects. Therefore, you should always check your CBCDs and try to perform additional mitigation if necessary.

Banding is also corrected for in the pipeline, but the correction usually is not perfect. Banding is very hard to model and has complicated spatial characteristics which are not currently well understood (or modeled).

Point source saturation is currently mitigated in the pipeline as well, but the correction uses a PRF and a known 2MASS K magnitude to extrapolate to build the source. The saturation correction will fail if no 2MASS counterparts to the saturated stars are found. Extended source saturation is not corrected. If the data were taken in the high-dynamic-range mode, one may be able to obtain a better correction using the short frametime exposures to extrapolate.