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Knowledgebase: MIPS
Generically for MIPS, how can I cover a field of about 5'x 5' using photometry mode?
Posted by z-James Colbert on 04 December 2008 01:28 PM
For all of the bands, you can do this via cluster-mode targets; for 24 and 160 (and eventually 70), you can do this via raster mapping. There is a raster map discussion in the MIPS Instrument Handbook that might help you.

As with cluster mode targets, in raster maps, MIPS is doing the entire photometry observing sequence at each of the points that you request.

Now, if you create a raster map, you can (and should) visualize the whole sequence in Spot to be sure that it's doing what you think it should be doing, but be aware that the depth of coverage maps (see the Spot User's Guide) are not sophisticated enough to understand the specific placements of the map grid - they work for plain photometry, but for raster maps, they can display confusing results. You will have to imagine the depth of coverage for one cycle replicated at each map position, and summed up in the places they overlap.

Keep visualizing the observations to be sure you're covering what you think you're covering. Also see Article specifically on 70 micron array.