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I'm having trouble getting Latex to handle my figures properly. Can you help?
Posted by z-Schuyler Van Dyk on 04 December 2008 11:36 AM
Here are some things to try..

Put a \clearpage before the tables and figures section, and right after it.

If you're trying to put a second figure on the same page, then yes, it can be finicky about how many figures it will let you put on the same page. You may very well have to reduce them in size on the page until latex is happy with their sizes. But, you can fake it out. Latex only knows about the bounding box on the ps file. I personally have had some problems when the plotting program that produces the ps creates excessive margins around the relevant bit -- e.g., the ps bounding box is 10cm wide, but the plot only takes up 6 or 8 of those 10 cm. So latex is trying to make space for the excess white space, which then looks funny on the compiled product. I've had some luck using a program like gimp to crop down the ps into a new version of the ps with less margin. Another solution I've used is to use gimp (or similar program) to put two figures next to each other and saving them as one file -- latex then just sees one figure, but your caption can now refer to "left" and "right" or "a" and "b" and have two figures occupy the vertical space previously occupied by just one.