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Knowledgebase: Spot and Leopard
How do I tell what objects have already been observed, and to what sensitivity?
Posted by z-Schuyler Van Dyk on 04 December 2008 11:26 AM
At any time, you can use Leopard to search the ROC, and/or you can use Spot to download entire programs. You might also be interested in exactly what constitutes a duplicate observation, because the observation you are planning may not actually duplicate an existing observation.

There are also other tools to check and see if your target has already been observed -- there is a plain text ROC, and from within Spot, you can choose "Search programs" under the "file" menu to search for other AORs near your target.

Please note that the Spitzer Heritage Archive only contains completed observations. It does not contain planned observations. To see all planned and completed observations, use Leopard.