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Knowledgebase: Legacy
Which projects were selected for the Legacy Science Program?
Posted by Elena Scire on 21 November 2008 11:13 AM
The Original Legacy Science Program is comprised of six large-scale peer-reviewed investigations selected in November 2000. The six approved projects utilize 3160 hours of Spitzer observing time, primarily in the first year of the mission, and integrate substantial ancillary data from ground-based telescopes and other space-borne telescopes. The raw and pipeline-processed Spitzer data enter the public domain immediately following processing and validation at the SSC. In addition, each project is developing post-pipeline data products and/or analysis tools that will be delivered to the SSC for wider dissemination.

Though Legacy programs were not specifically solicited in Cycle-2, five programs were selected that meet the Legacy selection criteria. Legacy programs were specifically solicited in Cycle-3 and Cycle-4. Eight Legacy programs were selected in Cycle-3, seven were selected in Cycle-4, and seven in Cycle-5.

Abstracts for all of these programs are available on the Legacy page.