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The Spitzer Bibliographical Database consists of refereed journal articles which are related to the Spitzer Space Telescope. These include papers in which the science results were at least partly derived with the help of Spitzer data, papers that describe the Spitzer Space Telescope itself, papers that anticipate Spitzer results and papers that are related to modeling Spitzer results. The database was compiled from the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) title/abstract searches, and full-text searches of articles in the major astrophysical and astronomical journals. The database is currently updated with new articles weekly. No pre-prints are included.

If you wish to view the entire contents of the database, we suggest an open range date search on all articles published after the year 2001, as our data searches do not extend to dates earlier than 2001.

Linking of papers back to relevant PID numbers was done with a high confidence level but linking back to individual AORs is not as reliable, especially in the case of Legacy and Exploration Science programs. In cases where it was impossible to pinpoint the exact observations that were used to perform the data analysis we erred on the side of caution and linked all the possible observations to the paper. Any bugs, corrections and suggestions should be sent to


Return only the papers that present data from observations performed using the specified AOR ID(s). If you want to search for papers written based on data from multiple AOR ID's, use a comma separated list (e.g., 7615488,6620160,6629120). AOR ID's are combined with the logical OR operator in the search.


Return only the papers that present data from the program identified by the specified PID number. This search takes only one PID.

Legacy/Exploration Science Program

Return only the papers that resulted from data taken with the AORs in the specified Legacy/Exploration Science Program. Please select one of the programs in the pulldown list. Legacy/Exploration Science programs that spanned multiple cycles have been combined into one entry in the dropdown list (GLIMPSE, SCOSMOS, MIPSGAL).


Return only the papers that present data resulting from observations taken in Spitzer programs that have the specified word(s) in the paper titles. The specified words will be resolved by the logical "AND" operator (in other words, both or all the specified words must exist in a given paper title).


Return only the Spitzer papers which contain the specified author's last name in the paper's author list. You may specify a comma-separated list of author names (i.e. Smith, Jones, Wells). They will be resolved by the logical "AND" operator (in other words, the returned papers contain the names of all of the specified authors in the author list).

Date Published

Return only Spitzer papers published during the specified years. The inputs must be four digit years. Leave one box blank for an open range search. The earliest year we have bibliography references for is 2001.


Return only papers that report on data taken with a specified Spitzer instrument. The search results include theoretical/modeling papers which predict or model results from the specified instrument. We also include technical papers (engineering, software, etc.) that discuss the specified instrument or the data returned by that instrument.

Deselecting an instrument does not limit the results to papers that do not contain data from the deselected instrument. The returned papers may or may not contain data from the deselected instrument.

Warm Mission

Return only papers that use data taken in the warm mission (Cycle 6 and up). These papers may also use croygenic data.

Paper Type

All papers are from refereed publications.
  • All Types - All papers are returned, regardless of type.
  • Observational - Only papers that use data taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope are returned.
  • Theory, Modeling, Predictions - Only papers predicting or modeling results are returned. In general these do not include observed data from the Spitzer.
  • Telescope, Instruments or Software - Only papers about hardware used on Spitzer or software written for Spitzer are returned. These papers sometimes contain data taken by Spitzer.
  • Legacy Enhanced Data Products, SEIP, CASSIS - Uses only enhanced Legacy program data products (including catalogs and image mosaics), or data from the Spitzer Enhanced Imaging Products (SEIP), or data from the Combined Atlas of Sources with Spitzer IRS Spectra (CASSIS). If a paper used one of these data sets and other Spitzer data, then it is classified as 'Observational'. In cases where it was impossible to tell if the authors had used raw Legacy data or enhanced Legacy products, the paper has been classified as 'Observational'.

Sort Order

ADS bibcode

Sort alphabetically by the ADS ( bibcode, such as 2008ApJ...699..347L. Show the most recently published papers by year first.


Sort alphabetically by the last name of the first author of the paper.


Sort alphabetically by the title. Note that "A", "An" and "The" at the beginning of the title will be considered.


Sorts by the date published, showing the most recently published papers first.